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KLN90B - updates, utilities, infos
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Optional version with SID/STAR support

Base : http://www.protu-154.net/files/KLN-90B_0806.rar
Update : http://www.protu-154.net/files/KLN-90B_v7_20022008.zip

Installation : copy ...

kln90b.gau file in FS main gauges folder
awxkln90b.ttf file in FS fonts folder
Sid_Star folder in FS PTT_KLN90B folder


SID/STAR Editor:

See Attachment - there are two versions, one compatible with .net 2.0 framework, the other with 3.0/3.5


see attached KlnConv.rar

A Converter with option to convert AIRAC data from FsNav format (format 1) as well as from LDS/PMDG format (Format 2). Note that the program just converts from one format to another, what you decide to use for its source is YOUR responsibility.
Use PTT_KLN90B folder as source directory, and any directory of your choice as destination folder. Same folder can be chosen, then PTT_WPT.dat will be directly overwritten. If another destination folder is chosen, don't forget to copy resulting PTT_WPT.dat file to PTT_KLN90B .

If you use the converter you can restore EDITDB=0 in your KLN configuration file, this will allow the KLN to display an area ID for duplicate waypoints.

Infos (FAQ)

1. There's a known issue if you focus the cursor on the "STAR-XXX" line and try to move it, e.g. to get a waypoint before the line. Workaround : delete the STAR , enter the waypoint, then re-enter the STAR.

2. SIDs or STARs with seven or more characters won't be displayed completely, as the KLN is limited to six chars. For your airports of interest, use the SID/STAR-Editor to edit these names to six chars.

3. If waypoints are too close together, e.g in several SIDs/STARs, the Autopilot can't follow them and might overshoot or even skip WPs. Remember, the Tu-154 Autopilot isn't the youngest anymore and might react a bit rough here and there. Also in the real plane, in case of big heading changes, it's common procedure to turn the lateral mode (e.g. HBY) off temporarily, execute this heading change with the small Autopilot turn knob, and then reconnect the mode.
The KLN GPS was retrofitted in the Tu-154M, do not expect the performance of todays Autopilots.
Know the strenght and weaknesses of your airplane and adjust accordingly. In case of SID / STARs overstraining the Autopilot abilities, fly these legs manually or use the turn knob !

It's also not unusual to connect the KLN to the Autopilot not before the Enroute part, so you might fly the SID or STAR completely manually !

KLN90B SID-STAR(2).zip
Sid-Star Editor .Net 3.0 FrameWork

 Имя файла:  KLN90B SID-STAR(2).zip
 Размер файла:  23.1 KB
 Скачано:  2940 раз(а)

Sid-Star Editor .NET 2.0 FrameWork

 Имя файла:  KLN90B SID-STAR.zip
 Размер файла:  25.95 KB
 Скачано:  2305 раз(а)


 Имя файла:  KlnConv.rar
 Размер файла:  17.73 KB
 Скачано:  4106 раз(а)

С уважением - Viele Gruesse - Best regards

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KLN90B - updates, utilities, infos
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