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When was INS used?
PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 20:56 Reply with quote
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Hello all.

I have been using the IL-62 for a few weeks now and have done the tutorial flight a couple of times plus a flight from OMDB to USSS using the NV-PB system. I want to learn the INS next.

My question is - when did IL-62 aircrews choose to use the INS as their primary nav system, vs the NV-PB ? Was it used for overwater legs, or merely as another cross check to the NV-PB system when out of range of RSBN or VOR/DME? I'm assuming that crews would also have a means of updated the drift that the INS would experience also (hence having 2 INS units which I'm assuming could be updated in a manner similar to the CIVA-INS).

I've done a bit of searching online and haven't found the answer yet.

Kind Regards,

- Ken
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Doppler-Radar-Systems overwater
PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:47 Reply with quote
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Hi Ken:

Not knowing from firsthand how they navigated overwater and remembering only some remarks on Interflug-homepages I refer that also for trained real navigators the IL-62 systems were a challenge. In theory the doppler-radar based system was unreliable overwater and you had to fall back on dead-reckoning and knowing the wind aloft was imperative. Here the INS could come in, even if it had developed drift.
In simulation the doppler system doesnt care if you are overwater and it works much better as the real thing. Once I tried that with the Tu-154 NVU-system and after 700 km it was nearly to the point compared with GPS.


And there is also the open question, if the IL-62 INS simulation works like the CIVA INS, which has an algorithm for aquiring drift, seems the PT- IL-62 INS lacks that algorithm.


One can only guess, that as in real aviation always is good practice, you use every system onboard. And the art of the navigator was, to bring all that information together -sometimes even including the weather-radar in map or drift-mode- and creating an image, which was very near to reality. And as an old joke of the INTERFLUG pilots went: "Naviagtion occurs if somebody despite everything knows, where you really are."

If you understand some German, the handbook of the IL-62 from the late INTERFLUG is available here:


Seems the download from the archive is slow and it works not in Firefox.

By pure curiosity, there is a report of an incident of a VC10 of RAF wandering 1000 km off course over the North Atlantic. They used a grid-navigation system onboard but had put in the false correction value reversing its sign.


Kind regards


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When was INS used?
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