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Rudder roll?
СообщениеДобавлено: Вт Дек 20, 2016 10:29 Ответить с цитатой
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FSX + 154B2

After whatchin some Vanderburg videos, to be exact, this one:


I tried to perfom it in FSX.
Same method: speed 360km/h flaps 28-45, gears down.
Full left rudder, pairing it with woke roll. Reducing speed untill stall.

It looks like Rudder don`t produce any significant rolling force on a plane.

Is it 154 real aerodynamics or just lack in the PT flight model?

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Trying to spin a FS "airplane"
СообщениеДобавлено: Вт Дек 20, 2016 17:28 Ответить с цитатой
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A real airplane and a simulated one in FS are quite different because the flightdynamic model in FS is a crude abstraction of reality. Besides that even in real there are dark corners of the flightenvelope which are not well understood as e.g. a B747 or an AB 380 you i.e. their testpilots will not fly them into a spin or deep-stall. So recovery even in the real thing is not shure as the testpilot of the AB 330 declared after the AF 447 crash where that airplane was flown down to 30 kts airpeed and against conventional wisdom did not spin.

Back to FS: normally autocoordination is on and by definition will avoid a spin but you can stall a FS airplane and it will fall down with some gyrations but having enough altitude it will come out of the stall if you leave the controlls alone and throttle back to idle, hopefully not having a simulation with autotrim (like the PT-IL62M).
Tu-154 simulation needs using the joystick utility and programming the axes of the flightcontrols and you must use the trim via the programed joystick.

So before trying to fly a simulation into the dark corners of the flightenvelope one should check if the setup of the simulation is adequate for the task.

Dutch Roll can according to my knowledge not sufficiently programed into the FS flightdynamics. In "my" Tu-104 I have tried it but not as the real thing goes.

Besides that it is not so easy to bring a real small airplane (a C150) into a spin, my flightinstructor had to help me.

Kind regards


P.S.: Pulkovo flight 612 (a Tu-154M) entered into an onrecoverable flat-spin:


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Rudder roll?
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